Annual Conference


We sponsor an annual conference for those who are helping form our next generation of Franciscans.  This conference is for you if you help in the formation of

  • Franciscan vowed religious

  • Secular Franciscans

  • Associates/affiliates/cojourners

  • High school or university students

  • Volunteers in Franciscan-based service programs

  • Those with a Franciscan heart

In the past we have focused on vowed religious and Associates/Affiliates/Cojourners.  We are widening our scope in an effort to meet the needs of other Franciscan groups.

Pictured above are the participants of last year’s conference (2016).

Our next conference is June 13-15, 2017

The conference theme is:  Mentoring Peacemaking as Franciscans in our world today.

As St. Francis reminds us: “While you are proclaiming peace with your lips be careful to have it even more fully in your hearts.”  This conference will look at our urgent call to peacemaking today, weaving together both Biblical and Franciscan perspectives. It will focus on our inner and our outer work as we seek to be mentors and responsible stewards of our tradition of peacemaking.

The conference presenter is Sr. Nancy Schreck, OSF

The annual conference is held at the Portiuncula Center for Prayer (The Port), 9263 W. St. Francis Road,  Frankfort, IL 60423.

For more information about the conference, the presenter or the schedule see our conference brochure. To register for the conference see the registration form (All Forms are in PDF format).